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I hail from Sydney, Australia and had a privileged and rewarding career, working on a variety of projects from TV shows, documentaries, branded content, music videos , multi camera concerts and TV commercials.

I have worked on many projects that have won a number of awards and nominations from Grammies, One Show Pencils, D&ADs, MTV Best Video to peer group editing awards and nominations.

Noteworthy long form projects include the breakthrough MTV "Buzz" series, AIDS awareness documentaries "Red Hot & Dance" and the cult documentary "Stolen Moments - Red Hot & Cool," the soundtrack of which was named album of the year by Time Magazine. I have edited epic concerts for U2 and David Bowie. I also co-edited the thrilling MotoGP documentary feature "Hitting the Apex" by Mark Neal, produced & narrated by Brad Pitt and I have recently completed the documentary “Blitzed” that premiered on SkyArts in the UK in March 2021. It's the story of the 80's Blitz Kids and the Blitz Club in London that spawned a resonating movement and featured the likes of Boy George and Spandau Ballet.

My music video credits include videos for artists such as Iggy Pop, David Bowie, the renowned Pearl Jam tune, "Jeremy," (MTV Best Video). Also videos for Santana, Madonna and Los Lobos "Kiko and the Lavender Moon," (MTV Best Breakthrough Video), The Girls' "Lust for Life", the Oscar-winning track "Weary Kind" for the film "Crazy Heart" and a very “bloody” video for ex My Chemical Romance artist Frank Iero "Joyriding" and many more.

My wide ranging commercial clients include brands such as Guinness (AICP award), Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, the NBA with Bill Murray (D&AD award), Foster's Beer (EFFIE awards), AT&T, Miller, Verizon, Astra Zeneca, Abbvie, Colgate, Avon and Tiffany & Co. I also cut a gun control PSA that won a One Club - Best Editing award.

My Influences and collaborations include luminaries such as Russell Mulcahy, Mark Pellington, Howard Greenhalgh, Tim Pope, Annabel Jankel, Earle Sebastian, John Carlin, Leigh Blake, Marcus Raboy, Peter Lindbergh, Danny Clinch & Russell James. My all time favorite director is Kubrick.

I find this quote particularly inspiring, "The essence of cinema is editing. It's the combination of what can be extraordinary images of people during emotional moments, or images in a general sense, put together in a kind of alchemy." Francis Ford Coppola.

My goal is to enable the realization of any project contributing to its creative essence, telling a story or crafting an important message, stirring an emotion, while "painting" a seamless picture of the project's vision while working in harmony with its creators.

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